Afgan Cuisine

Afghan food is quite special because its flavors and spices form mixtures of extraordinary taste, according to the regions that surround Afghanistan. Afghan food is closely related to rice and other cereals because of its plantations, just as it is also known for its grapes. Unlike the foods from neighboring countries, the spices used in Afghan dishes are neither spicy nor bland. Cuisine and food play a very important role in Afghan culture. Unexpected guests to eat in an Afghan home are not a sign of rudeness, but on the contrary, it is a source of pride for the visiting family.

One of the special characteristics when eating is doing it with your fingers and using the bread as a spoon.

The types of food served have significance, for example, Qabuli Pallow is the crown of Afghan cuisine and is cooked for special guests or on special occasions like weddings.

Soups are also very popular and are called shorma, as are kebabs. Afghans believe that food has to vary according to the climate, since they believe that there are foods that cool you or warm you up or others that are for all seasons. Let’s not also forget the most common drink in Afghanistan that brings families together: tea, which is drunk without sugar.

Afghan food is based on few ingredients, but never monotonous because the preparation varies from town to town and from house to house. It is not cooked with measurements and, in addition, the ingredients can be substituted for others as long as a similar flavor is achieved. The quantity of the ingredients can be adjusted to the customer’s taste.


Therefore, no two Afghans prepare the same dish in the same way, since creativity is an element that contributes to the wonderful mix of flavors that make up Afghan cuisine. They are not made up of a first, second and third course, because they can be eaten accompanying one dish with another without priorities.


We hope that after all the information your stomach opens and you can enjoy this exotic and tasty cuisine in a different way than you are used to.