Cuina Afganesa

Customs gastronomy Afganesea

Afghan food is quite special, because their flavors and spices are mixtures of an extraordinary flavor, depending on the region surrounding Afghanistan. Food Afghan closely related to rice and other grains due to the plantations there, is also known for its grapes. Unlike neighboring country groupings of foods, spices used in dishes Afghans are neither hot nor very tasty.

Cooking and food have a very important role in the Afghan culture. The unexpected guests to eat in a home in Afghanistan are a sign of bad manners, on the contrary, it is an honor for the family visited. One name a few special when you do eat with your fingers, using bread as a spoon.

The type of food you serve have a meaning, for example, is the crown Qabuli Pallow Afghan cuisine and cooking for special guests or on special occasions such as weddings.

Soups are also very popular and shorma say and do are also kebabs.

Afghans believe that food should vary depending on the climate, as they believe that there are foods that cool or warms you or others are for all seasons.

The drink is a drink is Doogh cap that is best enjoyed on a hot summer day. Do not forget also drinking more common in Afghanistan that brings together families and the tea (chai), which is taken without sugar.

The food is based on Afghan few ingredients but never monotonous, because the preparation varies from village to village and from house to house, no kitchen measures, and also the ingredients can be substituted by others whenever they reached a like taste. The amount of ingredients can be adjusted to suit the client.

That is, no two Afghans prepare a dish similar because creativity is an element that contributes to the wonderful mix of flavors that make Afghan cuisine.

The menus consist of no Afghans first, second and third plates, since they can be eaten with the accompanying dish without other priorities.

We hope that after all this information you can open the stomach and enjoy this exotic cuisine and tasty in a way different from what you are used to.