The secret of my turbant

Winner of the Prudenci Bertrana Award 2010

Under his dark coloured turban he is conducting the morning prayer at the mosque. Everybody respects him and listens to him with attention, even though his voice sounds thin and his body is small. He is a good Muslim, generous and upright. What his friends and neighbours do not know is that under this turban there is not a young man with good influences, as they all believe, but a girl who trembles every time a Taliban approaches her, afraid that her secret will be unveiled.



El secreto de mi turbante tells the real story of Nadia Ghulam, an Afghan girl that deceived and defied the Taliban Regime. After two years hospitalised due to the wounds produced by a bomb during the civil war, Nadia meets a new order that forbids women to get a job. To help her family, she is forced to make a radical decision: to pretend being a man during ten years. An impressive real story. 

Tales That Healed Me



BUT NA BUT … it was and was not a girl with the body hurt by the war but with the energy of an enormous heart fed by the histories of his mother. By the first time there are moved to the paper the oral stories of a country that, as Nadia, has changed identity but has not lost his essence. A gift for the Catalan readers, who have received this strong and brave woman in his land.

The First Star of the Night

The fictionalized testimony of the suffering and hope of the women in the author’s afghan family, of her roots and the intention of breaking loose from formalities, prove an admirable strength.

Going back to her native Afghanistan, where Nadia is hoping to find her cousin Mersal and honor her deceased aunt, she will discover the hidden story of the women in her family, of their roots and of herself as a woman.

The first star in the night is a story of search, of family revelations, of questions that were left unanswered and most of all, a story that shows the reality women live in societies so distant from our own: how they overcome adversity and don’t stay impassive when facing a destiny that’s supposedly inalterable.

Unforgettable, intense, genuine and touching, this is a story with which the reader will instinctively dive into the day to day of afghan society, their life, and these brave and tenacious women’s feelings and in the adventures of the main character, Nadia Ghulam. 

A story that will teach us about home and that leaves its mark.